1. While I Break

From the recording Far Away


The breath of fear through my soul
Of never growing old
And my youth is broken

Golden hair lays down hope
Into this world we're thrown
And no words are spoken

And the change isn't clear
Would you run into the darkness of our fear?

Just you wait while I break and forget about the promise that we made
Then you'll say: "Seasons change, but remember all the love from yesterday."

Pure as light, thoughts unclear
It's been another year, and we'll find one another
Save me now. Disappear. Another heart you steal, turns my love bitter.

And the change isn't clear.
Would you run into the fires of our fear?

Here comes the feeling I've been hiding all these years
So close to loving, but it's never like I'm here
It's just another reason I can't see you dear
I'm just as guilty, but I'm clear.