1. Working

From the recording Through the Night


Working for a living every day and night
Working is the only way to make it right
Sold me down the river gonna start a fight
Dirty mother-f4ck3r is gonna know me now

Working for the living every day is night
Working and she's living 'cuz it's out of sight
Pushing down D street, heaven is light
Now the mother-f4ck3r is gonna show you how

I stopped praying for the pain to leave me now
'Cuz I know it'll make me right
I've gotta feeling it'll set me free some how
I've touched bottom now I've got to climb

Working and the living of the day is blight
Working and I'll never make it through the night
Going on 6 years making it right
And the mother-f4ck3r is gonna let me drown